THESSALONIKI | Caravan Serai, Venzelous 45


The project

At the corner of EGNATIA and VENIZELOS streets, within walking distance of the large and central metro station in Thessaloniki, you will find an extraordinary building complex that combines a luxurious private living experience with a 200-room five-star hotel.


Above the underground car park with 150 parking spaces, there’s a commercial floor facing the street and the complex’s interior.
A central piazza with an area of 700 square meters is surrounded by residential apartments and the hotel – the beating heart of the building.
Designer and international brand stores, along with cafes, bars, restaurants, live performances, and more, which face the interior and exterior of the complex alike – all of these and more make the complex exceptional and a magnet for all of Thessaloniki and Greece in general.


The hotel will be run by one of the world’s leading chains and will include about 200 rooms, a conference center, and full hotel facilities at the highest level.
Apartment owners and their guests will enjoy the hotel’s management services and use of the hotel’s facilities such as a restaurant, spa, gym, and more.


The Apartments

The residential apartments are carefully planned and designed by a creative architectural firm and all with the perfect combination of hotel feel.

Extra-high ceilings, huge windows, fully furnished, natural light, and personalized interior design – all combined with hotel facilities – create the perfect product.
Apartment owners will enjoy a business lounge, pool, gym, spa, bar, underground car park, luxurious lobby, and management services of the hotel.


The project includes a wide range of residential apartments, from 25 square meter studio apartments to large three-room apartments with an area of 80 square meters.
The apartments in the complex are equipped with a sun terrace, extra high ceilings, triple glazed windows, air conditioners, all-electric appliances, furniture and fittings, kitchen, network jacks, TV, and more.
The first residential floor is 17 meters above street level due to an exceptionally high lobby and commercial floor.

Project status

Open to investments. 


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