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The project

A mere 40 meters from the Chania shoreline, Crete’s most interesting port city,  you’ll find “The Red House“.  Adjacent to it a stunning apartment block containing dozens of exclusive apartments facing the sea’s rich turquoise will be built.


This project is situated at the entrance to Chania’s old city, right next to the ancient and impressive city wall and adjacent to the new promenade linking the modern city center to the old city and the coast.


The nearest beach is no more than a 3 minute walk westwards. Walk along the beautiful promontory and enjoy its many taverns, restaurants and quality entertainment spots as you head for the beach where the sand is white and the port filled with picturesque fishermen. It’s a feeling of freedom that defies description.


The region is typified by low density ground hugging residential buildings of 2 to 4 floors which face the sea, long streets dotted by shops, markets, artists’ booths, and boutique hotels.


“The Red House” project integrates the experiences of home living and a quality hotel, urban lifestyle with the holiday feeling, all this in  a short walk of several minutes from the old Venetian port and the Kydon Group hotels. 


“The Red House” holds 60 apartments of between 35 to 65 sq.m. each, spacious balconies facing the snow covered mountains on one side, the old city on the other side, and of course the bright turquoise hue of the Aegean Sea. Indoor pool between the buildings and an open roof pool in the building facing the sea.

The apartments will be managed by the entrepreneur’s management company which currently provides services to three additional hosting projects in the immediate vicinity.

The apartments

“The Red House” was planned and styled by the same architects responsible for the Group’s adjacent boutique hotels. The ‘’Red House’’ offers a diverse array of apartments of differing sizes, air flow aspects and sea views. All you need to do is choose, and enjoy!


Each apartment averages 35 sq.m. as well as a balcony. Outstanding design makes it possible to encompass more than apartment, giving the client control over the apartment’s final size, how it will be internally subdivided, and the relevant purchase budget.

Apartments will be handed over accessorized, styled and furnished at the highest levels. The building uses only highest quality materials suited to Crete’s climate and the humidity and moisture typical of the nearby sea.

Apartments are angled to provide maximum privacy and tranquility. Choose from a range of design and outfitting frameworks that will match your needs and taste perfectly.

Sample floor plan  SECOND FLOOR PLAN

Sample apartments in the project



Project status

Advance sale of apartments in the first building to be built, 5 stories high (its location is marked in the yellow polygon)

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