About the Group

The ‘Greek House’ is entrepreneurial group in the field of real estate. The Greek House operates in Thessaloniki, Greece, specializing in identifying opportunities and executing them with minimum risk and maximum return.

The Group works with world-wide investors, interested in a diverse array of options, as well as real estate entrepreneurs and companies wanting to enter into activities in Greece or expand their current real estate and other businesses activities there.


At The ‘Greek House’ we make use of our extensive local knowledge towards offering attractive investment proposals and creatively addressing every investment preference.


Investors receive close attention from our professional experienced staff who will walk you through every stage of your investment.


The ‘Greek House’ Group has been operating in Greece since 2017. We are proficient in a wide range of transactions and investment models, from entrepreneurship to investor oversight, and consultancy for real estate companies.



Detection and execution of quality investments in the field of 

residential real estate and commercial real estate in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The ’Greek House’ provides a broad and comprehensive set of services to investors, enabling convenient property purchases in Greece from your home. The ‘Greek House’ team will suggest, update and create added value for you, the investor. We find Greece as a prime market for real estate opportunities. It is the perfect place for the ideal lifestyle and a second home for us.


The Greek House clients are varied. Among them are:

Property owners / investors in Greece and Europe interested in expanding their investment portfolios

Property investors with available capital of € 100,000 and more interested in making their first investment in Greece

Investors seeking a holiday home, which can optionally be rented out for part of the year

Property companies seeking to expand their entrepreneurial activities in Greece due to its accessibility and its market opportunities

Property entrepreneurs operating in Greece and interested in expanding

Retirees and soon-to-be retirees   seeking a source of passive income to optimally leverage their retirement funds